Welcome to the 41th edition of the Paladino d’oro SportFilmFestival

Palermo 15 – 21 Novembre 2021

The Paladino d’oro Sport Film Festival (SFF) is organized by the Visual Communication Center Association (CCV) which annually nominates a Movie Commission (MC) to select the best sports-focused films. The Festival is directed by Roberto Oddo.

The Paladino d’Oro Sport Film Festival, wants to promote the values ​​of sport (respect for the rules, fair play, overcoming limits, team play, etc.) through the best films from around the world that focus on sport. The “SFF” promotes the dissemination of sports films which, in different ways, contribute to the development of artistic and cultural trends in the world of cinema. The goal is to promote the best quality in sports movies; stimulate interest in sports cinema, thanks to the mass media and collaboration with schools and universities, by promoting educational and cultural meetings.

The 41st Paladino d’Oro SFF will be held in PALERMO from 15 to 21 November 2021. The festival program includes film screenings, meetings with productions, exhibitions, conferences and awards ceremony. During the GranGalà the “Golden Paladin” prize will be awarded to the best films in competition; and special prizes to characters from the cinema and sports.

All films produced between 2018 and 2021 with sport as the main theme can participate in the SFF. Films that have already participated in the SFF are excluded. If by 30 May the registered productions do not comply with all the organisation’s requests, they will be automatically excluded.

contact: production@sportfilmfestival.it