Welcome to the Paladino d’oro of the SportFilmFestival

Palermo 15 – 21 November 2021

Official press release for the productions participating in the 41st Paladino d’Oro Sportfilmfestival 2021:
The festival commission communicates the nominations of the films in competition.
Here are the films nominated or that received a special award:

RUS 2nd Life
ITA A Caccia di relitti
CAN Across The Line
ESP Astrid
USA Basilio the Musical
USA Blink of an Eye: Triumph to Tragedy the Greatest Sports Story Never Told
ITA Bordo Campo
ARG Buscando a Panzeri
PAN Chico Heron and the Last 42
GER Deep Blue
TUR Emre The Story of Young Boxer
RUS Fair Play
ITA Flash La storia di Giovanni Parisi
FRA Gaza, one football, one leg
POL Going for Gold – Po Złoto
CHINA Good Control
ITA Growing Up
ITA Il Grande Slam – generazione di Fenomeni
ITA Il Toro del PalonettoALLONETTO
KOR into the World of Ssireum
SVE Jimmy The Wrestler
USA La Nuova Dolce Vita in America: Adam Levine
ITA Magnesio
USA Monster Energy’s Greatest Moments
ESP O cumpagn’ mì
FRA Old Boys
RUS On The Edge
USA Out of the Dark: Raven
CH Outraged – Football tackles discrimination
ITA Riding on the storm
ITA Senza Vento
CAN Systemic Injustice
SVE The Bluest Sky
FRA The Dancing Stars
CAN The Holy Game
ITA The last bell
ARG The Lonely Navigator
USA The Spark of My Eyes
RUS The White Snow
ISRA Toshiki Death
CHINA Tuva youngster – Yong Deng
RUS What happens tomorrow
ISRA Why I’m Not a Basketball Player

The productions that have obtained the nominations or a special mention, will receive by e-mail the indications of participation in the festival.

The Paladino d’oro Sport Film Festival (SFF)
 is organized by Toros Centro di Comunicazione Visiva (CCV) that nominated yearly a Movie Commission to select the best films focused on sports. The Festival is directed by Roberto Oddo.

The The Paladino d’oro Sport Film Festival wants to promote the values of sport (respect for rules, fair play, overcoming limits, team play, etc.) through the best films all over the world that are focused on sports. The “SFF promotes the diffusion of sport films that, in different ways, contribute to the development of artistic and cultural trends in the cinema business. The goal is to promote the best quality in sports films; to stimulate, thanks to the mass media and the partnership with schools and universities, the interest in sport and cinema, fostering didactic-cultural meetings.

The 41st Paladino d’oro SFF will be held in Palermo 15 – 21 November 2021. The festival program includes film screening, meetings with productions, conference and awards ceremony. The SFF ends with the awards ceremony (Grand Gala). During the Grand Gala the prize named “Golden Paladin” will be assigned to the best films in competition; the direction can be assign some special “Golden Paladins” to the most important figures of movie and sports.

All films produced between 2018 and 2021 with sport as main topic can participate to the SFF. Films that have already participated in the SFF are excluded. If within April 30th the registered productions are not in compliance with all the requests of the organization, they will be automatically excluded.

contact: info@sportfilmfestival.it