Benvenuti nel più antico Sport Film Festival



39a Rassegna Cinematografica Internazionale “SportFilmFestival” – a Palermo dal 9 al 15 dicembre 2018 tutte le info su:
39th “SportFilmFestival”- Palermo 9 – 15 december 2018 info on:

The director of the Sport Film Festival is glad to announce the list of the 44 films that got the nominations.

We invite you to send us the high resolution files of your production with English subtitles and a maximum of 2 minutes long trailer so that every production can be published and get the chance to win the Social Award through voting. Remember to send us your files before the 9th of November 2018 otherwise your production is going to be excluded from the competition.

Please, send the files to:
For further informations visit our site:

Argentina-Atlas, Guerreros Del Destino-@M.Ambrosio
Australia -Break The Fall @PeterDickson
Austria -TNT Boxerstory @MarkGerstorfer
Belarus -Triumph @K.Jonuzi, L.Von Rama, C.askew
Belgium -Maintenant On Peut Mourir Tranquille @A.Guez
China-Crux @BernardHo
France -Off Path @JulieJouve, @RidaBelghiat
France -Dunk @SophieMartin
France Tracks @SophieThouvenin
France One for other @LéoFontaine
Germany In Our Country @LouisaWagener
Germany Different Bayern @MatthiasKoßmehl
England Guard @JonathanHarden
England Sandow @AlexanderCooper
Iran Are You Volleyball?! @MohammadBakhshi
Ireland Inside I’m Racing @AleksanderSzeser
Italy Inseguendo i sogni @EnzoMusumeciGreco
Italy Get Big @ElenaBeatrice, @Daniele Lince
Italy Feel the wind @SimoneSaponieri
Italy Fallo subìto @MarioSposito
Italy I’m Caesar but call me Mimmo-@OrfeoOrlando
Italy The Rabbit @SvetlanaNoskova (Lana Vlady)
Italy The Legend @LucaArseni
Italy La Partita @Frank Jerky
Netherlands -Follow the Wind @BobvandeGronde
Netherlands-Kuyt @DeborahvanDam
Netherlands-Alexander @RozemynAfman
Poland -Edge @KamilBukłaha
Puerto Rico-Nuyorican Básquet-@R.O.Lora,J.CésarTorres
Rep.Domin.-Sambá @L.A.Guzmán, @I.Cárdenas
Russian Blindfold @AlexeyBogdanov
Russian Fallen Curler @S.Roy, @A.Gushin
San Marino-Mancini,The Motorcycle Wizard@Jeffrey Zani
South Africa-Runner @MikeMcDougall
Spain -Los Hombres De Verdad No Lloran-@L.Castán
Spain – Valor @Sergio ÁlvarezTejero
Spain -Cisco 2020, Massive Rebel-@Miguel Garrido
Spain -The Other Kids @PablodelaChica
Ukraine -Breath Holding @OleksiiSobolev, @PhilLee
USA -Czech Mate on Ice @HovigKazandjian
USA -Seaside Stables @ClishGittens
USA -Reggae Boyz @TillSchauder
USA -New Kid In Town @KelvinTorres
USA -Boston @JonDunham